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Apple iPad Mini (7.9 Inch, 16 GB, WiFi, Black)
by  Apple, Tablets -    315 reviews
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    Operating System
    USB Port
    Operating System
    USB Port
    Battery Charging Time
    Storage Capacity
    16 GB
    7.2 mm
    Digital TV Tuner
    134.7 mm
    Processor Name
    A5 APPLE
    134.7 x 7.2 x 200 mm
    Display technology type
    TFT Display
    Horizontal resolution
    GPS Receivers
    Processor Manufacturer
    Keyboard Language
    WiFi Based
    Product weight
    308 gram
    Display Size (cm)
    Aspect Ratio
    RAM Size
    Fingerprint reader
    Alternative EANs
    2724269938383, 2724271228908, 2724271413199, 2724271983029, 2724272945668, 2724274463184
    Dual core
    LED Backlight
    Direct LED
    Vertical Resolution in Pixel
    Number of Displays
    OnBoard Graphic Chip
    OnBoard Graphic
    Operating System Version
    Item EAN
    Screen Size
    7.9 Inch
    Weight & Dimensions
    242.8 mm
    Technical Information
    Embedded UMTS
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    Just as amazing as before

    The incredible iPad mini comes with the all new display technology. It embeds a host of new features like the new A5 chip, advanced wireless and powerful apps that are beautifully integrated with the iOS 7 operating system. It has advantages of its sibling, the

    Just as amazing as before

    The incredible iPad mini comes with the all new display technology. It embeds a host of new features like the new A5 chip, advanced wireless and powerful apps that are beautifully integrated with the iOS 7 operating system. It has advantages of its sibling, the iPad Air but is super-portable and easily fits in one hand with its right size.

    Physical Features

    Physical Features

    Key Features

    308 g

    Apple A5

    16 GB

    Main Camera 5 MP
    Front Camera 1.2 MP

    7.9 inch

    512 MB RAM

    iOS 6

    Thin and light. To fit more in your hand

    Thin and light. To fit more in your hand

    The iPad mini is fully packed with loads of incredible new features. It has a stunning display, the incredibly powerful A5 chip, advanced wireless technologies, and much more. Yet it is of the same thickness and weight as iPad mini. It is just 0.29 inches in thickness and weighs less than three-quarters of a pound. So you can do even more cool stuff, without holding any more weight.

    Incredible performances

    The newly designed A5 chip from Apple brings desktop class architecture to the iPad, which means up to 4x the CPU speed and up to 8x the graphics performance for everything. Moreover, you are still left with up to 10 hours of battery life to study, play, build, and create.

    A5 Chip

    A5 Chip

    The A5 chip takes iPad to new heights of power and speed. Due to improved speed apps run faster, and games are more responsive. It is up to four times faster than its sibling iPad. It also supports OpenGL ES version 3.0, which enables detailed graphics and visual effects just like desktop computers and game consoles. Moreover, with its A5 chip features architecture, it can run even more robust and powerful apps. This adds even more functionality and power to your iPad mini.

    Incredible performances
    Signature battery life

    Signature battery life

    Even though it is up to four times as fast as the previous-generation the iPad mini, it still gives you the same incredible 10-hour battery life that is only possible because the A5 chip is not just more powerful, it is also more efficient.

    Advanced wireless prowess

    The iPad mini helps you to stay connected and sync with all your favorite app, book, movie or your Facetime call (Facetime may not be available in your country) or iMessage with its ultra-fast wireless technology.

    Superfast Wi-Fi

    Superfast Wi-Fi

    The iPad mini offers up to 2x WiFi performance with its two antennas and MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) technology. It employs dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n WiFi and MIMO , by which download speeds can reach up to 300 Mbps double the data rate of the previous-generation the iPad mini. So now your connection is even faster than before.

    Ready to work and play

    Ready to work and play

    The iPad mini is the perfect everyday companion. That is because it comes with apps that help you do the everyday things like check emails, talk over FaceTime (Facetime may not be available in your country), or consult Siri to settle a bet. iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote come free with the iPad mini, which can help you to write the next great novel, nail your presentation, and compose a score for your home movie all from your iPad mini. All these apps are optimized for architecture. This ensures that they run smoothly and powerfully and make iPad mini and you more capable than ever.

    Over 475,000 apps at the App store.

    Over 475,000 apps at the App store.

    Plan a road trip. Study whale migration. Draw blueprints for a building. Or repel a zombie invasion. For anything and everything you do, there is an iPad app. The new ones are always being added in the App Store. The iPad apps are much easier to use, since they are not just stretched-out phone apps. These apps take advantage of every pixel on the display and leverage technologies like the gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass.

    FaceTime iSight Cameras. More reason to smile. (Facetime may not be available in your country)

    Sometimes it is nice to put a face to the conversation and w ith FaceTime video calls on the iPad mini, your conversations never looked better. You can make a video call over Wi-Fi or cellular and see (or show) every expression on the beautiful display. Moreover, the FaceTime HD camera now features a next-generation backside illumination sensor with bigger pixels, which brightens up all your FaceTime chats, selfies, and group Photo Booth shots, even in low-light situations.

    5MP iSight Camrea

    5MP iSight Camrea

    We think about what goes into a great shot, so you do not have to. The 5-megapixel iSight camera on the iPad mini was designed to help you capture all of life’s moments at a moment’s notice. You can use the display as an easy viewfinder to frame the perfect shot and quickly swipe between capturing stills or 1080p HD video. Every time you shoot, the image signal processor in the A5 chip works with the camera to make a ton of adjustments and deliver a great picture or video automatically. You don’t have to think about anything other than who you’re going to share the moment with.

    Dual Microphones

    The iPad mini hears where you are coming from, by using a pair of microphones and they don’t just collect more sound they work together to capture better sound by suppressing audio from the source you are not focused on. So the audio on FaceTime calls (Facetime may not be available in your country) is improved because there is less background noise. Your video recordings sound clearer and Siri is even better at recognizing what you are saying.

    iPad mini and iOS 7. The ultimate combo

    iPad mini and iOS 7. The ultimate combo

    The iOS 7 is specifically designed for iPad mini, which introduces great new features, such as smarter multitasking, AirDrop, and Control Center. It helps you to do everyday tasks even easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

    Everything you need. Right where you want it.

    Everything you need. Right where you want it.

    The iCloud feature keeps all your content synced across all your devices. It is seamlessly integrated with your devices, so you can start a Pages document on your Mac and finish polishing it on your iPad mini. The pictures you shoot with your iPhone appear instantly on the iPad mini thanks to iCloud Photo Sharing. You can even start watching a movie on the iPad mini on the train and pick up right where you left off at home on your Apple TV.

    Stream via AirPlay

    Stream via AirPlay

    AirPlay allows wireless streaming of movies from iTunes and all the great stuff on your iPad mini to your HDTV via Apple TV. You just turn on AirPlay Mirroring and show photos from your road trip, blast aliens with your friends, or give a class presentation. You can even play DJ by streaming playlists from your iPad mini to AirPlay-enabled speakers over WiFi.

    Share via AirDrop

    Share via AirDrop

    AirDrop is a simple way to share content on your iPad mini. You can quickly send photos, videos, contacts, and more to any iOS 7 user nearby. There is no setup required and no email addresses or phone numbers to store. You just need to tap the Share button, see who appears on your display, then choose who you want to send to. If someone sends you something via AirDrop, just click Accept when a notification appears on your iPad mini. AirDrop automatically creates a secure connection using Bluetooth and WiFi and delivers content right away.

    Print via AirPrint

    Print via AirPrint

    If you have to print something, you can do it right from the iPad mini with the help of AirPrint-enabled printer over WiFi. There are no cables to connect or drivers to download. Just tap the Print icon in AirPrint-compatible apps like Mail, Safari, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iBooks, and iPhoto.

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  • mmdeen1981
    03 March 2015
    Purchased on

    worth its price

    Everything good expect the wifi

    Apple the build quality, Camera, Size etc.....

    Wifi signal is less

  • maajabeenab
    07 June 2014
    Purchased on

    Worth it

    I usually don't go for online shopping unless I cannot find the product in the market. I bought the iPad mini just to see if it's really worth the risk of negotiating with online deals. Needless to say my opinion has been changed. The product was great and it is what it claimed to be(No fake product thank god). I am writing this review after 3 weeks because I wanted to make sure that I am giving a correct/trustworthy review. And the discount was amazing too. Bought it all for mere AED 965(including shipping and delivery charges). I checked in any electronic shop they did not have it for less than AED 1300+. Thanks

    Genuine product with great discount.

  • user-M955YT
    15 September 2014

    Apple IPAD MINI

    It's a good to shop thru online. Never shopping to the other place because all item you need is here for latest arrival to high & low end item. Not much expensive and great discount. For the delivery maybe delay sometime it is ok! for. I go shopping again for the souq. The best online shopping in KSA.

    great price, great tablet

    nothing bad all are good

  • mazharpalana
    25 December 2012
    Purchased on

    Best for Kids for leaning

    - Apple iPad Mini (16 GB, WiFi, Black) Pros and Cons: Apple is well known company and this product specially is not big in size i liked this product. - Why do you like or dislike? I Like this product and my daughter enjoyed this product.

  • user-M81H8U
    09 November 2014
    Purchased on

    Cheap, fast service and excellent product

    definitely yes


    packaging does not look as in Apple stores