Infosec X2-1000VA UPS

by infosec
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  • Brand: infosec
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    Description of Infosec X2-1000VA UPS

    • Technology: Line Interactive with automatic voltage regulation.
    • Power: 1000 VA
    • Power factor: 0,5
    • IEC outlets with backup time: 4
    • Tel/ADSL line protection: RJ11/45 (1-IN/1-OUT)
    • Protection: Discharge / overcharge / overload Tel/ADSL line
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto sensing)
    • Output form: Modified sinewave
    • Input protection: FUSE
    • Dimensions: (H 142mm) x (W 100mm) x (D 287mm)
    • Net Weight Kg: 4.9 kg
    • Voltage: [110/120 VAC] or [220/230/240 VAC]
    • Voltage range: [81/145 VAC] or [162-290 VAC]
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto sensing)
    • Voltage: [110/120 VAC] or [220/230/240 VAC]
    • Automatic voltage regulation: ± 10 %
    • Battery Charger: Operates When the UPS is Connected to Mains
    • Battery test at starting: Yes
    • Cold Start (no Mains): Yes
    • Batteries type & number: 12V / 7AH x 1
    • Rechgarging time: 10 hours to 90% after complete discharge
    • Backup time (1 PC Load): 15min
    • Indicators: 1 LED
    • Battery Mode: Sounding Every 10 Seconds
    • Low Battery Mode: Sounding Every Seconds
    • OverLoad: Sounding Twice Every Second
    • Battery Replacement: Sounding Every 2 Seconds
    • Fault: Continuously sounding

    Specifications of Infosec X2-1000VA UPS

    Product Title: Infosec X2-1000VA UPS
    Item EAN: 2724273380536
    Brand: infosec Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS

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