Nouval, Egypt’s largest small home appliances and cookware company, is known for its sustainable and high quality products that have gained loyalty over the years. Appliances and kitchenware from Nouval not only spruce up your kitchen design, but also make cooking scrumptious meals a breeze. Souq offers and exhaustive collection of Nouval kitchen appliances that diminish the tediousness associated with cooking, enabling you to dish out culinary delicacies with more fun. Nouval cookware featured here can help you dish out everything, from breakfast to desserts, in no time at all. Cookers and stoves of various capacities that are featured in our Nouval collection help make yummy, nutritious, and steaming rice delicacies in minutes. An endless collection of Nouval frying pans, nonstick cookware, pots and pans, stainless steel fry pans, spatulas, and other similar kitchen items needed to make those finger licking meals are available here. Oven accessories such as baking trays and bakeware are immensely helpful when you have to prepare baked goodies for your loved ones. Nouval bakeware of various capacities that caters to all your every need is featured here for your convenience.
Serving a meal in a presentable fashion is just as important as making it. You need to have the right type tableware to make the right impression. We have stocked up a vast range of Nouval cutlery, plates, spatulas, and more that will surely be acknowledged and appreciated by your relatives and guests alike.