Since the launch of its first smartphones, BlackBerry brought about a revolution in the way we communicate. Its advanced phones enable you to not only make calls, but also send and receive emails, text and picture messages, work on office related documents, and record and listen to voicemails from almost any location.

BlackBerry’s smartphones come with RIM’s (Research In Motion) BlackBerry Messenger that allows users to converse with friends and colleagues in real time, engage in group chat, and send and receive limitless messages free of cost without filling up your inbox. The Messenger service was instantly loved by consumers, and remains that way till today.

Its mobile devices also come installed with GPS technology that lets you track phones of other BlackBerry users. The technology makes the phone ideal for business purposes. Its secured encryption ensures nobody can have access to your emails and BB Messenger conversations other than youself. Mobiles from BlackBerry devices come fitted with a powerful battery that ensures the phone runs out of power after a really long time. All in all, owning a BlackBerry means you never stay out of contact. All these features have led many companies to purchase these phones for their employees. Another unique feature of the device is the inclusion of the distinct BlackBerry keyboard on BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve phones like Curve 8520, BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry 9900, and BlackBerry Pearl series which eases out typing of messages or emails. Every phone comes with RIM’s indigenously developed BlackBerry OS that delivers blazing fast performance.

In accordance with demand for touch displays, the company launched BlackBerry touchscreen phones like the Z series that have received glowing reviews. The phones facilitate easy syncing of data with your PC, Mac or BlackBerry Playbook tablet using the BlackBerry desktop manager. Here, on Souq, you can find a wide range of BlackBerry phones with amazing offers, so you and your employees can own one without burning your pockets.