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CUE Brown Heel Sandal For Women 62 % off
CUE Brown Heel Sandal For Women
270.00 EGP 102.00 EGP
CUE Silver Wedge Sandal For Women 61 % off
CUE Silver Wedge Sandal For Women
250.00 EGP 98.00 EGP
Ravin Pink Flat Sandal For Women
Ravin Pink Flat Sandal For Women
79.99 EGP 50.00 EGP

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Sandals are the best form of footwear to don during the hot summer months or even when it rains. Sandals are extremely convenient to wear and take off. This versatile footwear also lets your feet breathe for a clean feeling throughout the day. This simplicity of the sandals, combined with their ruggedness, make them a necessary accessory for picnics, outings, or even backyard parties. Besides utter comfort, their visual appeal makes them a hot choice for buyers. You can buy men’s sandals, as well as men’s sandals /s/">women’s sandals on Souq, where we have stockpiled on a huge selection of casual sandals, simple sandals, office sandals, and more, just like in your local shoe store. You can find all your favorite black sandals, white sandals, silver sandals, as well as sandals of different colors on our site. Featured in our product section are Cole Haan sandals, Kenneth Cole sandals, and sandals by several other makers for you to choose from. Majority of these sandals are made using leather, PVC, or rubber. We even have an exhaustive collection of kid's sandals with attractive colors and patterns, along with rugged boys sandals and trendy girls sandals. Buy sandals and floaters online from a trusted online platform. So next time you look for sandals, instead of driving to the mall, just visit Souq and get one for yourself or your loved ones.