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A baby’s safety should be a top priority for every parent. Having reliable, comfortable baby gear in your homes is one of the many things that are an absolute must. Souq’s vast collection from the biggest strollers brands helps by keeping your loved one secure and cozy, thereby alleviating some of the stress associated with parenting. This product section features accessories that aid your child while walking, sitting, traveling and potty training.

Here, you'll find numerous portable and stationary baby transport vehicles like strollers, baby carriers, safe car seats, bassinets, etc. that simplify the task of carrying your child with you. You can find some of the best strollers babies, bassinets and baby carriers by Babies R Us, Mothercare, Chicco, Kolcraft, Sofitbabies, Dumasafe, I’coo, Koo-Di and several other brands that meet all your requirements, you will also find strollers reviews by customers who tried our strollers collection.

As your tots get older, curiosity makes them explore their surroundings. Accessories like baby walkers aid them to move around safely. You can find numerous walkers by brands like Chicco, Kolcraft, Mastela, Mothercare and several others, which aid your little angels to get by without falling or tripping. Keeping your kid comfortable while being seated is essential for their overall development. High chairs, baby swings, bouncing seats, potty training seats by Disney, Goodbaby, Chicco, The First Years, and more help them sit comfortably while eating or traveling. Car seats for the littles featured on our site help add an extra layer of protection while traveling in vehicles. Our collection also incorporates cozy swaddles by brands like Miracle Blanket in which your juvenile can sleep comfortably. For older kids, we offer bikes by Disney and other brands, which helps you introduce them to the joy of cycling.