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CATCH CADDY Car seat pockets
CATCH CADDY Car seat pockets
62.00 EGP 40.00 EGP
car parking sensor 30 % off
car parking sensor
235.00 EGP 165.00 EGP
WD-40 Rust remover
WD-40 Rust remover
80.00 EGP
Hands free easy open trunk 13 % off
Hands free easy open trunk
750.00 EGP 650.00 EGP
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Cdg Parking Sensor - Blue
Cdg Parking Sensor - Blue
175.00 EGP
Car Dent Repair Kit With Pro Scratch Removal Pen
43 % off
Car Dent Repair Kit With Pro Scratch Removal Pen
120.00 EGP 69.00 EGP
Car Humidifier - Blue
Car Humidifier - Blue
73.00 EGP
Microfiber cleaning cloths
Microfiber cleaning cloths
40.00 EGP
Ezi Flush Engine
37 % off
Ezi Flush Engine
92.00 EGP 58.00 EGP
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HID H11 Xenon Bulb - Black and Silver 12 % off
HID H11 Xenon Bulb - Black and Silver
125.00 EGP 110.00 EGP
Seat Back Support Cushion
Seat Back Support Cushion
30.00 EGP 28.99 EGP
Car Trunk Organizer, Black
Car Trunk Organizer, Black
74.00 EGP

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A car running at optimal performance is a pleasure to drive. Ensure that your ride is in good shape and condition with the range of car care accessories that are available on Souq. The easy availability of these care care products online makes maintaining all your favorite four wheelers at their peak levels a breeze. It becomes even more imperative to give your car the due care it deserves if you drive for long distances day in and day out. People who take care of their vehicles on frequent basis benefit from its excellent performance, and have to face fewer issues and breakdowns. One solution to the problem of basic maintenance is paid car care services, which can be both time consuming and expensive. The other feasible solution is to do so from home itself. Souq features a huge listing of car care products like additives, engine treatment products, air filters, as well as and optional car parts like front and rear lights, and more, using which you can perform basic maintenance to keep your car running smoothly.

Our collection of car stickers, decals, and skins for car doors, bumpers, dashboards, and fuel lids transform the look of your car, making it pleasing to look at. We also showcase car safety and vehicle enhancement products including fog lights, car lights, car lights, headlights, and tail lights that boost your visibility while driving in low light conditions. Such auto spare parts enhance the safety of your vehicle manifold, enabling you to drive in complete darkness. Our site offers HID as well as Halogen lamps from several manufacturers for you to choose from. Just like engine maintenance, the upkeep of the looks and feel of your vehicles is of utmost importance. Keeping that in mind, Souq has made available exterior as well as interior car care accessories like dent repair kits, scratch removers, fans, car cleaners, mobile holders, and more. You can easily use these products in your home garage and maintain your car at an optimal level, without the need for a mechanic.