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NS-901 9 Inch TFT LCD Screen TV-AV Player with USB
NS-901 9 Inch TFT LCD Screen TV-AV Player with USB
875.00 EGP 789.00 EGP
LCD Car Rear View Monitor
LCD Car Rear View Monitor
620.00 EGP
PRG C-102 Rear View Mirror with 2 Cameras Include
PRG C-102 Rear View Mirror with 2 Cameras Include
1,399.00 EGP 555.00 EGP
Car Rear View Camera
Car Rear View Camera
95.00 EGP 79.00 EGP
Pioneer AVH-Z2050BT
Pioneer AVH-Z2050BT
7,100.00 EGP
Car Radio ANDROID   blackvolume model RU-675
Car Radio ANDROID blackvolume model RU-675
3,299.00 EGP 2,889.00 EGP

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Traveling in your car over long distances can be extremely boring if there is no entertainment system installed. A range of car video CD and DVD players available on Souq solves this dilemma by enabling your companions to watch your favorite movies and videos on the go. Our comprehensive collection of CD and DVD players makes it possible for you to play movies in your vehicle, just like you would in your homes. Here on Souq, a wide collection of flip down, in dash, headrest, as well as rearview mirror DVD players that can be installed with ease in almost any vehicle is made available. These players come with LCD, or TFT LCD monitors whose diagonal measurements range from 6.2 to 12inch. A majority of these monitors have the capability to display amazing 1080p videos that have a high degree of sharpness and clarity. We stock a huge selection DVD players from manufacturers like N3, Clayton, Soundstream USA, Skypine, etc. that can be installed in your automobile. With any of these amazing multimedia players installed in your car, your children, as well as adults of all ages will be entertained on those long car rides.

A car DVR or a vehicle blackbox DVR captures videos while driving, and can prove extremely useful if you stand accused of a traffic violation that you did not commit. A bunch of these devices are capable of capturing high definition videos at up to 30fps, displaying them on your car’s LCD screen. Such DVRs can be set to record and save audio/video files periodically on external memory cards while driving. Some of these cameras are designed in such a way that they start recording moments before the actual event occurs, thus saving memory space. We have showcased a wide range of car DVRs, mini DVRs, etc. from reputed manufacturers such as DOD, and more. Also showcased on Souq are a number of reverse cameras that come with or without monitors. These cameras come handy while reversing your vehicle in tight spaces.