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Cash on Delivery

What is Cash on Delivery "COD"?

Cash on delivery "COD" is a payment method available at Souq.com that allows buyers to pay for their order in cash at the moment the shipment is delivered to them.

How to Place a COD Order on Souq.com

  1. After adding items to your shopping cart and clicking "Proceed to checkout" from the cart page; you will have to choose the payment method you like to use to pay for your order.
  2. When prompted, select pay by "Cash on Delivery", and proceed.
  3. You will have an opportunity to review your order before confirming. Click "Confirm COD Order".
  4. You will then be asked to verify your mobile phone number to complete your order. Once your mobile phone is verified, your order will be dispatched and shipped to you.
  5. Once your shipment is delivered to you, you will be required to make a cash payment to the Courier.

Terms & Conditions

Before placing a COD order on Souq.com, it is very important to note the following terms:
  • The maximum order value for COD is (AED 5,000) in UAE, (EGP 25,000) in Egypt and (SAR 6,000) in Saudi Arabia.
  • Only cash payments will be accepted. Any other payment methods like personal cheques or credit cards will not be accepted; therefore you will not be able to receive your shipment. If you would like to use your credit card, please click here to know more about our online payment methods.
  • Not accepting an order or not being able to make a full payment at time of delivery may result in loss of COD buying privilege at Souq.com and/or account suspension.
  • COD will not be available for Global Store orders less than 1000 AED/SAR.
  • COD may not be available due to frequent past order cancellations.