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Maintaining your baby’s hygiene is of paramount importance. Failure to do so may cause your loved one to get afflicted by uncomfortable rash, or in the worst case, a deadly disease like diarrhea. Infants do not have control over bodily functions and often soil themselves without any notice. Being prepared for such eventuality is the only thing any parent can do in such scenarios. Diapers or nappies, both disposable and reusable ones, prove handy in such situations. Find diapers of all kinds that meet your requirements on Souq.

Featured on our portal are disposable diapers by Pampers, Huggies, Toys R Us and several other brands for you to choose from. These disposable underwears are made using advanced materials that absorb and lock in significant amounts of bodily fluids. This material is often gentle on your baby’s skin, thereby eliminating the occurrence of rashes. A whole lot feature pant like designs, which enables you to slip them on your tots even when outside.

Apart from disposable diapers, our product section even features cloth nappies that can be used again after being thoroughly disinfected. We have showcased reusable diapers by Smiley Baby and many more that are made using breathable materials. Displayed on our portal are cleaning and diaper changing accessories like baby wipes, baby changing mats, training pants, and other such accessories from The First Years and several other brands. These accessories simplify the process of keeping your baby clean.