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stamp collecting is the hobby of collection of postage stamps or material related to the carriage of the mails, or the payment of postage. In addition to the collection of postage stamps, many avid stamp collectors also collect envelopes, covers, etc. that carry mail. Many people pursue stamp collection as their hobby because it offers them mental relaxation and peace of mind, although many hope to discover rare stamps that will make them wealthy. A lot of people also collect them as a form of investment. stamp collecting is a better investment than many other hobbies as it does not require any special skills or wealth. The hobby is suitable for people of all ages. In rare cases, it may provide greater returns on your investment as compared to other hobbies. Some of the notable people who love collecting different stamps include Bill Gross, Warren Buffet, astronaut Henry Hartsfield, author James Michener, actors Gary Burghoff, Patrick Dempsey, and James Earl Jones, explorer Jacques Cousteau; musicians John Lennon, Ron Wood, and Freddy Mercury, tennis star Maria Sharapova, and French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Souq is your one stop shop from where you can purchase stamps online, right from the comfort of your home. You can order stamps online for you and your loved ones from around the world. Not just new stamps, we even stock up on vintage, old stamps, as well as used stamps of almost all the countries. Here, you will find Australian stamps, Asian stamps, North and South American stamps, European stamps, African stamps, and more. Our all inclusive range of postage stamps online also includes Middle Eastern stamps. Find almost all types of national or international stamps online on Souq.com.