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Toys are fascinating for a child as they mean the world to them. Toys not only help kids while away those boring hours, they even enhance their motor, coordination, and cognitive skills. Toys are used by different age groups, ranging from young toddlers to adults for the purpose of play and entertainment,so you can also pick the toys by age. They are made using different materials like plastic, metal, cardboard and many more. Toys available today range from the simplest rubberband kits to state of the art working models, from puppets or soft toys to toys lego, computers and video games. Most toys these days are gender specific, with them being labeled as either boys or girls toys.

Souq offers you the opportunity to browse, select and order toys online from an extremely vast collection that will enchant your young ones ang get the best toys deals. You can choose from action figures including WWE toys, Transformers toys, Minecraft toys, Vtech toys for boys, as well as girls toys like Barbie toys, Disney Princess toys, and more. You can even find a huge selection of unisex board games, musical toys, role play toys, and many more that are featured on Souq. For older kids, we offer a range of yoyos, skateboards, card games, Maisto toys, outdoor toys etc. With Souq's online toy store, you can now treat your little ones to a childhood they will cherish and remember with fondness as they grow up.