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user-solon2016 Review and Rating Summary

(100% Positive Rating)
Member since: 25 October 2015

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The driver unit is excellent The control unit is very low quality. and was not professionally assembled. The unit that has the buttons is not good at all. (very bad)
جيد جدا
nice item
السلام عليكم .. منتج جيد مقابل الثمن ... الميزه القويه التى اعجبتنى هى قدره فصل وتشغيل كل فتحه على حده .. .. تعليقى الحيد .. انها جاتلى لونها ابيض وانا مان نفسى تبقى سوداء
عملى وكويس
First, a non-agreed product was sent. The agreed product price of 440 pounds and the price of the product that was sent price of 350 to 400 pounds. Even the sent product is sent inside a cut-off carton
I was expecting it to be black, but it was red
كل شىء ايجابي ماعدا اسلوب الشخص اللي سلمني السلعه ياريت مايجيش تاني
جيد جداً
Item Data not available
كله تمام وعشرة علي عشرة
Item Data not available
As described
Item Data not available
Good quality fast delivery
Item Data not available
Excellent timing and packaged well
Buyer didn't leave any comment on seller feedback
جميل جدا ومريحه
Buyer didn't leave any comment on seller feedback
لا يعمل على جميع على جميع الاجهزه. كان غرضي تشغيل شاحن مع مشغل البلوتوث و لم يعمل الاخير